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3 Tips to Boost Employee Morale at Your Company

How do you boost employee morale during a pandemic? Three tips are included for your success.

Have you ever accepted a position that you were eager to start and then on the first day you realized that there was little to no employee morale? You quickly realize that you made a mistake in your career move, but you want to help the company with morale prior to giving up? Here's how you can boost the morale of any company with support from upper management.

Tip #1 - Performance Reviews

A company that does not hold their managers responsible for annual performance reviews will leave employees wondering if they are valued and stuck in their position. They should not be reminding management that their anniversary is past, and they did not receive an annual review.

Keep track of your employees' anniversary dates and set your calendar reminder two weeks prior to that; this will allow you to prepare the review at a non-rushed pace with valuable content. Sedlacek Consulting can assist you with performance reviews as your HR Consultant in Lincoln, NE.

Tip #2 - Employee Appreciation

This can mean a number of things that you can do for your employees with multiple cost-points. Organize a bake sale and donate the profits to your employees' choice. Raffle tickets to the local movie theater once a month. Treat your employees to breakfast once a week of their choice. Throw a management served BBQ once a quarter. These have monetary attachment, but praise for a job well done is priceless.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle

Tip #3 - Keep Employees Engaged

What does this mean to you? Do you have touch-base meetings as a company? Level 10 or L-10 meetings by EOS to track accountability? Employees that are left alone for the duration of their employment will feel undervalued, bored and not motivated to do their best. Keep employees engaged by checking up on them and their job progress but more importantly, get to know them personally while keeping it professional. If an employee knows that you truly care, they are willing to produce a higher quality of work at a faster pace.

In Summary

Take great care of the employees that you have, because they are priceless. High quality employees are worth going the extra mile for in order to retain them. If there is no employee morale in a company, your new recruits will not last in your toxic environment -- leaving you with the unmotivated rookies that are there merely for the paycheck producing sub-standard work.

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